Unforgettable 2020 for Limestone Sheriff’s Rodeo

2020 was a memorable year for the Limestone Sheriff’s Rodeo and all of our supporting cast!

Voted the #1 Outdoor Rodeo in the World! Our Miss Limestone Sheriff’s Rodeo Queen, Ms. Abigail Benz, received First Runner Up for Miss Rodeo USA! Our rodeo clown, Mr. Mike Wentworth, who has been with us over 20 years, was voted the Rodeo Clown of the Year! Our announcer, Mr. Mark Northall, who has been announcing our rodeos over 15 years, was voted Rodeo Announcer of the Year! Sheriff Mike Blakely was presented a plaque in memory of Debbie Blakely for all her contributions to the rodeo community nationwide.

“I want to thank all our business partners, staff and volunteers, our stock contractor and sponsors at Lone Star Rodeo Company, and everyone else who contributes each year to making the Limestone Sheriff’s Rodeo the best it can be. We are honored by the support of our community and hope to continue to build on the rich tradition of rodeo in Athens, Alabama!” – Sheriff Mike Blakely –

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